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Want That Chinese Foot Massage? Acupressure 101

Aching body pain can make someone’s jolly day turn gloomy in just a few prickling sensations. After a long day’s work, isn’t it great to reward yourself with a good massage?  There are actually tons of new ways to improve your body’s health and general well-being. Therapies such as mental or physical can give you longer life and boost your immune system too! You might have heard of your friends getting that Chinese foot massage somewhere. Your curiosity must be itching to find more about traditional Chinese massage so go ahead and read on to know what’s the rage all about.

Defining The Traditional Way

Chinese Foot massages or Acupressure, as it is called, is rooted in Asian culture. Although similar, Reflexology is seen as a different route for physical therapy. Traditional Chinese medical theory suggests that our bodies have special acupressure points. The points are seen as meridians or channels in a person’s body. These meridians start with the fingertips, then go along the brain. Afterwhich, it connects to an organ associated with the specific meridian. By applying pressure on these reflex points, it gives relief on the body. The traditional massage opens these passages to release stress, headaches and gives our body that natural way of healing itself.

Benefits of A Chinese Foot Massage

chinese foot massage

Aside from getting that weekly massage, there are also even more reasons why you should try doing this physical therapy. Some might say that this is just pure fantasy and fraud. Head knowledge is good but experiencing the actual process is better. Although there are no absolute or hard facts about it, you’ll be able to get great benefits from the massage. If you are still doubtful of getting that Chinese foot massage, here are some claims for the benefits for your takeaway:

  • Improves circulation in the blood and overall physique – General wellness is the overall goal of having these massages. Reflex points are pointed out by the professionals of this technique.
  • Fewer headaches and migraines – Since oxygen is being circulated properly on your bloodstream, your brain will receive normal pressure in your blood cells. You’ll be sure to have less frequent headaches from this therapy.
  • Improved digestion – Believe it or not, but in acupressure, our stomachs are connected through the different parts of our body. Your stomach’s concern may be treated just by having a Chinese foot massage!
  • Reduces symptoms for depression and anxiety – Physical relief is not just because of being relaxed. Being in a calm and meditative mood may help your emotional and mental state.
  • Pain management – Pressure points ease the pain felt in the nerves of a person’s hands or feet. This enables the channels for the other organs of the body to be in sync with the relaxation of pressure points.

Before Getting One

Pregnant women are no advised to take these traditional therapies. Make sure that you also inform the therapist about certain illnesses that you have such as possible tumors in the body, or osteoporosis. People are restricted to do these massages with skin diseases, chronic illness, or even those with arthritis. Make sure that the acupressure clinic is legally licensed to do the massage as well.

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