Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome

Undergoing a surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome refers to a medical condition which is a collection of some signs and symptoms that occur after the median nerve that is located within the carpal tunnel is compressed.

Signs of carpal tunnel syndrome

Some of the first signs of the condition include tingling or numbness in your arm that persists and does not go away. In the wrist and the palms of the hands, patients may also experience discomfort. Pain that usually radiates towards the shoulders as well as experiencing a false feeling of shock are also symptoms of the condition. In some advanced and extreme cases, there may be a distortion of the muscles at the base of your thumb. It is important to visit an orthopedist during clinic hours to get examined if the pain lasts long.

Surgery for carpal tunnel syndromedoctor advises patient for surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome

A type of surgery called open carpal tunnel release surgery is performed. During this procedure, a transverse cut is made on the carpal ligament releasing the pressure that was on the meridian nerve and also relieving the tingling and numbness or any other symptoms of carpal syndrome a patient may have. In order for the doctor to be able to see the carpal ligament, he or she will make an incision at the base of the palm of the patient’s hand and will stitch it up after the pressure is released. Scar tissue will form on the place where the ligament was cut after it is healed.

The surgery is done under local anesthesia and you do not need to remain in hospital after the procedure and can go home. The stitches will be removed after 1 or 2 weeks of having the surgery done. It is important for a patient to avoid overworking the hand after surgery. Sometimes, the pain or numbness will go away immediately after the surgery while in other cases it may require several months to subside. Endopic tunnel surgery, which is externally done allows the patient to return to work sooner.

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