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Dental Implants: Are Tooth Extraction, Bone Graft Procedures Needed?

Getting a tooth extraction, bone graft and other invasive dental procedures may seem daunting and a little intimidating. Is it possible to have a bone graft surgery immediately following a tooth extraction procedure? This article will talk about both types of dental procedures. If you want more information on bone graft, tooth extractions and other related forms of dental procedures, read the article to find out more.

What is bone grafting?

Bone grafting is a dental procedure that involves adding bone to increase the strength and bone density of the jawbone. Bone grafting procedures are usually done as a preparatory method for other dental procedures such as dental implant surgery.

How tooth extractions relate to bone grafting procedures

tooth extraction bone graftThe weak jawbone can cause tooth loss because the bone may not be strong enough to support the tooth that is in that particular area. Teeth fall off because of the weakness in the jawbone. Sometimes, the teeth only fall away partially. It is on these occasions that people would need tooth extractions.

To prevent the jawbone from becoming weak again in the future, bone graft procedures may be done as a way to strengthen the bone. This will prevent tooth loss in the surrounding teeth. A bone graft will also avoid the future need for tooth extractions because the jawbone will be strong.

Why is a bone graft sometimes needed?

Bone grafting is needed before a dental implant surgery because a stronger jawbone may be necessary to support the dental implants that will later be put to replace the missing teeth.

Dentists will use dental x-rays and other diagnosing methods to try and see if a weak jawbone is a cause for the tooth loss. If they discover that it is indeed the cause why the tooth fell out, to begin with, the dentist will recommend that the patient have a bone graft procedure before the dental implant surgery. A bone graft will prepare the jawbone for implant surgery and give it a better chance of healing and implant success later on.

Getting a bone graft before dental implant surgery

Getting a bone graft before having dental implant surgery is a good idea if the jawbone is weak. Weak jawbones will not be able to support the dental implants and will render the implant surgery useless.

A bone graft is needed to make the jawbone able to fully support the dental implants and ensure that the implant surgery will be a success.

Can a bone grafting procedure be done right after tooth extraction?

Most dentists will recommend that a bone grafting procedure be done immediately after tooth extraction. Dentists recommend this, especially if the patient is set to have a dental implant surgery following the recovery of the bone grafting site.

How does bone grafting work?

The process of bone grafting aims to strengthen the bone of a person’s jaw to prepare it for other dental procedures that require it to be at full strength. Bone substitutes or bone from the patient are placed into the jawbone, to replace the jaw that has been compromised to bone loss.

The healing time for bone grafting procedures can range from four to six months. Each person has a different response to the bone and heals in their terms. A patient will usually go back multiple times during their recovery period from the bone grafting procedure for the dentist to monitor the recovery. It will only be when the bone grafting site has completely healed when the dentist can start the treatment for dental implant surgery.

Has your dentist recommended a tooth extraction, bone graft and dental implants?

If you have missing teeth, or teeth that have fallen out due to bone loss, it is a good idea to talk to your dentist. If they recommend that you have a bone graft immediately following your tooth extraction procedure, trust them. They mean to maximize the healing time of the tooth extraction and bone graft.tooth extraction bone graft

It takes time for a bone graft to heal, and it is a good idea to hit two birds with one stone and have the affected area recover from these two initial procedures to prepare it for the dental implant surgery.

If you are anxious about having a bone graft right after your tooth extraction procedure, talk to your dentist. They will explain to you why this is the best course of action to be done and how it can benefit your dental implant surgery later on.


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