Toddler Mouth Guard Sports For Protection From Sports Injuries

Does My Child Need A Toddler Mouth Guard For Sports?

Mouthguards are genuinely one of the best inventions of mankind when it comes to protection. Frequently, mouthguards are for contact sports, such as basketball, football, or volleyball. Meanwhile, you and your child can benefit from it with other sports activities such as skateboarding or mountain biking as well. Just using a mouthguard will make your teeth sturdy and not fall out from any accidents or injuries from sports. People have endless reasons to use mouthguards. Hence, it is important to have your dentist’s opinion about it. Check if you and your toddler mouth guard sports activities are part of the qualification for a dental check-up.

Are Toddlers Allowed For Mouthguards?

Frankly, no. Toddlers are ages between 12 – 34 months but some consider them from ages 1 to 4 years old. Baby teeth aren’t strong enough to hold any kind of mouthguards and probably is useless for them. Besides, toddlers aren’t even able to do sports yet. Otherwise, you’re referring to a child that is 5 years old and above. These kids are active and really into physical activities especially sports. Likely, your dentist may recommend having the appropriate mouthguard for your inquiries about toddler mouth guard sports-related products. You need to be sure if your child has proper dental hygiene first. Don’t forget, preparation before the procedure in this case.

Types of Mouthguards

The benefits of having mouthguards at an early age prepare the child for a brighter future with their teeth. It helps limit the risks of mouth injuries as well as reduces the blow to the head. The best type of mouthguards that dentists usually suggest is customized mouthguards. However, you may find other types of mouthguards according to your child’s mouth, teeth, and gums. Know the different toddler mouth guard sports-related dental appliance below.

Customized Mouthguards

Parents who want the best kind of teeth and gum protection for their kids need to get the best quality mouthguards. Customized mouthguards are one of the popular methods that offer not just safety but also security for the mouth. It doesn’t fall off easily due to being a custom-fit dental appliance. The type of material used for these customized mouthguards is usually toxic-free and friendly for people of all ages. You may want to ask your local dental clinic if this is available for your kid to use.

Boil and BiteDoes My Child Need A Toddler Mouth Guard For Sports

These types of mouthguards are usually moldable and need to be immersed in hot water. When using the mouthguard, the person needs to form it using the tongue, finger and biting on it. They are generally useful but not often recommended as it is uncomfortable. In addition, they aren’t able to cover the whole mouth and the teeth for protection. These are available on the market and for cheaper costs.


You can buy these types of mouth guards at any available sporting goods shops. It comes with different sizes and even flavors as well. While these mouth guards are common for any athlete to use, they are rather uncomfortable as you need to clinch it all the time. In addition, there are many sports enthusiasts and athletes preferring their own custom mouthguards as it adds more protection from ready-made mouth guards like these.

Considering A Toddler Mouth Guard For Sports

If your child is eager to do sports and you’re worried about his or her injuries, don’t hesitate to ask your pediatric dentist way ahead. Any kind of impact on the teeth may have problems such as extreme pain, bleeding, or swelling. Due to this reason, many parents are switching for better quality mouth guards as told by their trusted dentists.

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