gum bone graft

The Use of Gum Bone Graft for Dental Care

When you have missing teeth and you’re considering a dental implants, you shouldn’t just be aware of  the cost of getting dental implants. Another thing for you to be aware of is the possibility of needing a gum bone graft prior to getting them. But gum bone grafting is not only used for dental implants, it also helps to accomplish other dental treatment goals.

The position and nature of the bone is very healthy for the general condition of the teeth. Bones aren’t as strong as many may think and they can easily be changed to make them more effective. Just the same way the bones within the jaws remodel themselves to match current needs, the same process can be done artificially through gum bone graft.

The body should be depositing new bone cells and elimination old ones often to keep the bones healthy and strong. Bone changes around the jawbones requires high level of skills due to the expected brace works. Don’t compromise on the bone graft that is done on your jaw and always make sure your dentist is qualified before you entrust them with the process.

Importance of the bones position

Your facial appearance depends on the structure of the bones hence losing them may result to the sagging of the facial features. The teeth gets its position perfectly because of the bones and the covering gums that make the oral appearance excellent. Both gum infections and poor bone structure in the mouth can be harmful to the teeth and may result to pain. gum bone graft

You don’t have to get worried over the lost bones since modern technology on gum bone graft can still give you a new look. The procedure will enable tooth replacement with ease and adds to the support of the face. A few hours spent at the dentist’s office will make bone grafting process complete since the process is a minor surgery and requires few hours to be done.

Steps for gum bone graft

Through the gums, an incision is done to access the deeper bone where the grafting should be done. This will give room for the grafting material to be added with ease. Most of the materials used for bone grafting are friendly to the body since they are obtained from bone materials. Grafting can either be done using animal or human bone after they are treated in the laboratory.

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