tmj and stress

The link between TMJ and stress

TMJ and stress are highly connected. Chronic and unhealthy stress causes TMJ dysfunction.  You need a visit to your dentist when you get to experience TMJ in order to avoid further complications. Instantly unresolved stress and tension may lead to building up of stress hormones, which results in chronic stress. Chronic stress may further lead to physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

In modern society, there are many instances where we don’t react whenever we feel threatened — for example, being stuck in traffic when rushing for an important meeting or your boss ream you out. There is no direct way of handling such situations, and hence stress builds up and manifests either psychologically, physically or emotionally.

Chronic stress can lead to many health risks ranging from depression, high blood pressure to a weak immune system. Chronic stress leads to physical manifestations of TMJ. Thus, the link between TMJ and stress. You may also develop bruxism during the day or in your sleep. Bruxism refers to teeth grinding, which can also include teeth clenching, which may cause MPS (myofascial pain syndrome), jaw and neck pains, and headaches. MPS is among the major causes of TMJ. Myofascial pains and tension headaches are also believed to have been caused by stress. It may wear out teeth leading to an irregular bite. Severe tension in the shoulder, neck, and face muscles from consistent stress may lead to soreness, stiffness, and pain with immobility. TMJ symptoms such as popping or clicking of the jaw may be caused by the failure of jaw muscles to work in line. As a result, a person starts to favor one side jaw when biting or chewing advancing to jaw misalignment, which is disc displacement. tmj and stress

Fortunately, you can overcome stress can by improving your perspective on life and dealing with anger and frustrations effectively. Advance your situation and TMJ with certified methods of exercises and relaxation. Get enough sleep, take up yoga, and develop a happy living environment. Learn to avoid stressful people and situations. Beware that any improvement to relieve worry and stress will reduce all TMJ symptoms and restore your healthy mind and body.


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