tension in face muscles

Tension in face muscles

Tension in face muscles is mainly caused by anxiety. Normally, when the body senses a not so friendly situation, the central nervous system will definitely send a signal for a response to the matter. The face muscles tend to grow tension as a response to stress.

Signs of Facial Tension

Tangling of the face

This is is one sign of tension of the face muscle. The face grows the needling sensation. This burning in the face is mainly attributed to anxiety.

Lip Damage

Lip damage is another common symptom that one has a tensed facial muscle. Anxiety plays a big in the bitting or chewing up of the lips. Drying of the lips is also very common.

Reddening of the Face

Flushing is yet another good and visible sign that the muscle is tensed. It’s caused by temporary dilation of the face capillaries.


Mild episodic or chronic headaches are common with tensed facial muscle. The headache might be dull or painful. Tightness on the sides, back or on the forehead might also be felt.

Handling Tensed Facial Muscle at Home

If you’re fond of getting tension on your face muscles, you need to work on your moods. Find ways of eradicating stress and anxiety. Everything originates from the central nervous system sensing anxiety or tension. You’re supposed to try:

tension in face musclesRelaxation Techniques

Light up your mood by doing what relieves tension on you. May try meditation, deep breathing, yoga, massage or even hot showers.

Facial Exercises

While the face has a huge network of muscles, try relaxing those that can relax. Relax the maximum number of muscles and you’ll be okay. Try a happy face. Make a wide smile and count up to 5. Repeat several times. You may also slack the jaw. Open wide your mouth and raise your tongue. Count up to 5 and repeat several times. Eye squeeze is another technique. Close your eyes tightly for around 20 secs. Open and stare for about 15 secs. Repeat this several times.

Always remember that the cause of the tension in the face muscles is in your mind.

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