stressed employee thinking he is too stressed at work, should I quit?

Stressed at work, should I quit?

If you’re stressed at work, then you are hardly living a life. Work stress can bring in disastrous health effects in the long run and cause pressure to your mental health as well. A leading provider of digital dental implants in Sydney, with years of experience in teeth problems, mentions that severe headaches and toothaches might be symptoms of you undergoing a lot of stress as this can cause teeth grinding and jaw clenching. But should you quit your job to improve your life?

Ask yourself before you quit

If you ever have thought about quitting your job then there are a few questions you should ask yourself first. Some of the main questions include:

•Am I satisfied with what I do?

•Am I built for more?boss shouting and employees thinking "too stressed at work, should I quit?"

•What is it that is causing me to get stressed at work?

•Is the stress mental or physical?

•What are the factors that are causing the stress?  Is it your work pressure, the daily schedule, your boss or your colleague?

•Is there no other efficient way to tackle stress?


Once you can find the answers to these questions, you can develop a better perspective on life. It’s necessary for you to realize that you earn to live, not live to earn. No matter whatever your responsibilities may be, your health is of foremost importance. Eat and sleep well; that is where you should invest in as well as having fun with friends and family and spend some hours of the day into something that actually serves no purpose except paying bills.


Staying away from work stress

There are quite a few ways to tackle stress in life. Some of them include:

•Providing the body with adequate exercises to lower the stress levels and induce better hormonal balance.

•Working for job satisfaction rather than money.

•Restricting the consumption of junk foods and concentrating more on whole grain diets.

•Providing the body with sufficient rest.

•Teaching your mind to let go of things you cannot control.


What’s most important to not get stressed at work is working on something you love. If you love what you do, then work will likely be more fun and less stressing.

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