repetitive motion injury prevention

Repetitive Motion Injury Prevention

A repetitive motion injury also called repetitive strain injury (RSI) is gradual damage caused to tendons, nerves, and muscles from repetitive motions or movements. RSIs are not uncommon and could be triggered by various types of activities such as typing, training of sports, grasping tools, swiping items at a departmental store, and others. If not healed on time, they can lead to weakness, tennis elbow, stiffness, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other conditions. In order to avoid these problems, you need to adhere to repetitive motion injury prevention tips.

Tips on preventing RSI

  • repetitive motion injury preventionHave a good posture

If you stay seated at a desk for work, sit straight without slouching. Good posture is important to avoid unnecessary strain on muscles. However, good posture won’t come in a fortnight. You will need to practice and be mindful of your posture constantly.

  • Take frequent breaks

Sitting on a chair can also strain your back muscles leading to an RSI injury. However, if your work involves prolonged sitting or standing, take frequent breaks. Stand up or sit down (as the case may be) after every 20 to 30 minutes. That will alleviate any potential pain and give enough movements to other body parts.

  • Use tools to ease your work

Some people have to perform particular chores constantly as a part of their work duty. However, those tasks can lead to RSI injuries. For example, if you’re a phone attendant, you run the risk of straining your neck and shoulders. You could resolve this issue with the help of a tool. The use of headset can avert strain on your neck, arms, and shoulders while allowing you to do your regular tasks (attend phones) with ease.

RSI injuries are common and can lead to serious physical injuries. However, it’s possible to keep these problems in check. Just stick to the above repetitive motion injury prevention tips and say bye-bye to RSI injuries.

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