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What Can Be Done For Pain After Massage Therapy?

Why do some people experience pain after massage sessions? In some cases, people come out of the massage feeling even worse than they did when they had initially gone in. What is the reason behind this? This article will talk about the pain that sometimes accompanies massage therapy and what to do about it. If you are currently experiencing facial pain after a massage, you can read more on this link on how to massage your cheeks and neck to ease the pain.

Why does the body sometimes feel sore after a massage?

It is normal to feel aches and pains right after having a massage. This becomes even truer if it is your first time to have massage therapy in a while, or if it is your first time to have a massage.

How massages work

Massages work like exercise. It has the same effects on the body as heavy exercise does. It also helps the blood get into the muscles and forces toxins out of the body. This can temporarily cause swelling and minor pain and discomfort as this is the body’s natural reaction and healing response to this kind of stimulation.

How long should pain last?

If you do experience pain after deep tissue massage, it is normal for it to last for around a few hours to a day following the massage. The pain that a person feels should gradually subside as the hours go by. However, if the pain or discomfort continues, it is a good idea to talk to a doctor. The pain may be caused by something more serious condition that may be diagnosed.

Deep tissue massage therapy

Deep tissue massage used various massage techniques to realign the deeper tissues and muscles that may sometimes cause pain and discomfort because they are knotted or not aligned properly. Deep tissue massage can also be helpful for people who experience chronic pain. Pain that is caused by certain types of illnesses can also be alleviated by deep tissue massage because it targets the deep muscles that may have been strained.

Will the massage itself hurt?

pain after massageThere will be times during the massage when it will feel uncomfortable or even slightly painful. The pain is usually caused by the pressure that the massage therapist uses to get the knots out of the tightened muscles out.

If you experience unbearable pain, or if you feel extreme discomfort during the massage, communicate with your massage therapist. Tell them that the pain is too much. These massage therapists are trained to know how to gauge how much pressure to put to achieve the desired result. They also know how to lessen the pressure they put and still reach the desired result.

Keep in mind that mild discomfort and pain is normal during deep tissue massage. The pain is a sign that the deep tissue massage is working to remove the stubborn knots in your muscles that are causing you discomfort. Remember that mild pain is normal, but in cases of extreme pain, inform the massage therapist, so they can adjust their technique and pressure.

Benefits of massage therapy

There are many benefits of deep tissue massage. Whether it be used to treat a sports-related injury, chronic pain or pain that accompanies a certain type of illness, many good points can be achieved because of deep tissue massage.

Recovery from injuries

If you feel pain because of a sports-related injury, a massage therapist can help you get relief from that pain by helping your muscles heal and grow in the right way.

To help get rid of chronic pain

Pain that lasts for more than six months is considered to be chronic pain. There are some instances where chronic pain is caused by a chronic illness. However, there are also cases of chronic pain that are caused by muscles that are knotted up. A massage therapist can use deep tissue massage to help remove the chronic pains you feel.

Cure limited mobility

Limited mobility can be caused because of tight muscles. Deep tissue massage can help with this problem because the techniques used can help loosen up those stubborn muscles and restore the normal range of mobility.

Relieves muscle tension

Muscles that are tired and worn out can cause pain. A massage therapist can use different types of massage therapy techniques to take away muscle tension.

Dealing with pain after the massage therapy

pain after massageThe whole point of massage therapists applying therapy methods on a person is to help them relieve pain. However, if a person feels pain after the massage, they can ask for advice from the massage therapist on how to deal with the pain.

Most massage therapists will recommend having the person use ice on the affected areas to relieve pain after the massage. However, since most of the pain caused by the massage will be gone by the next day, more pain relief methods will not usually be needed.

Final thoughts

Getting a massage is good for your health. It can help you get rid of pains and loosen up knots in your muscles. If your muscles hurt after massage therapy, do not worry too much. It may just mean that your muscles are not used to being stimulated, that’s why they feel sore.

If you are anxious about experiencing pain after massage therapy, it is a good idea to talk to your massage therapist. If you have any medical issues that may be affected because of massage therapy, inform the therapist. Also, if you are looking to use massage as a way to cope with symptoms of chronic illness, consult your doctor before getting any type of massage.

Feeling pain after a massage is normal, especially if you have not had a massage in a long time. Keep in mind that any pain you feel after the massage will be worth it. After the pain will have subsided, the initial pain you were feeling will also be gone. This being said, there are always more benefits that can be attained from a massage in comparison to the minor pain you may feel after it.


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