large breasts back pain

Large Breast Back Pain

Everyone experiences back pains at one point or another either due to several factors. When it comes to women, women with large breasts tend to experience upper back pain more often than others. That is why they might ask if large breast might cause back pain. The pain can be chronic pains and end up lasting for quite a long time.

The relationship between large breasts and back pains

According to studies, large breasts usually add weight on the chest of a woman. This leads to the stretching of ligaments and back muscles, resulting in pain. The size sometimes even cause deformity of the backbone, and that is why some women end up experiencing chronic pain that lasts for quite a long time.

large breasts back painAnother factor that has been found to create a link between large breasts and back pains is the bra size. Women with large breasts commonly wear a wrong bra size that tends to add stress to the back. This factor makes them experience discomfort due to an improper posture of the breasts or continuous squeezing of the back muscles.

Some medical research argues that large breasts alone can’t cause back pains. They can, however, catalyze certain causes of back pains. For instance, if you take a wrong posture, the breast will be a contributory factor that will lead to back pains.

Steps to take to ease back pains caused by large breasts

There are steps you can take to ease back pains caused by large breasts. For instance, you can start wearing the right bra size. That will enable you to support your breast, which will, in turn, avoid straining your back muscles. Another step is to engage in exercises that strengthen your back. Such workouts will make your back strong enough to manage the weight of your breasts. So far, that is the link between breast size and back pain and how best you can alleviate the pain.

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