man suffering from jaw muscle cramps

Jaw muscle cramps

A jaw muscle cramp is an extremely painful condition of the jaw that can hit almost anyone. The joint in question is situated in front of the canal of the ear and connects to the jaw and skull. Individuals suffering from this condition are usually unable to open their jaws very wide and they as experience a lot of pain when they try to open their mouth or even speak. Sometimes pain in the jaw might be caused by dental issues. You can search online for more information about jawbone issues.

Individuals suffering from jaw muscle cramp usually begin to panic, which worsens their condition. Cramps in the jaw muscles usually have multiple causes like:

• Extreme pressure on the jaws for instance when the jaw is clenched a lot. jaw muscle cramps might affect your whole headThe most common reason for this kind of  pressure is the clenching of jaws when one is sleeping. Also referred to as bruxism, this issue is often caused by stress. Excessive pressure can also be caused by excessive chewing.
• Cartilage wear due to excessive use or age.
• Arthritis, which usually affects the knees and fingers, but can spread to the jaw joint. Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can affect the jaw joint.
• Injury or physical trauma to the jaw; It is very often a complaint from people who do not exercise. This can also occur as a result of car accidents leading to facial injuries.
• Slide of the disc, which hinges on the lower jaw to the skull usually brought about by opening the mouth too wide.
• Pine anomalies that are not properly aligned when opening and closing. Some of these anomalies are of innate origin.

Although these cramps can cause discomfort, they disappear after appropriate resting and massage therapy (a chiropractor could help). In fact, people can choose from various treatments to relieve their pain.

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