hip dislocation symptoms

Hip Dislocation Symptoms

‘Head of thigh bone slipping out of its socket in the hip bone’ or in other words ‘femoral head slipping out of acetabulum’ is known as hip dislocation and considered as a fractures or bone dislocation. This is very rare to happen and it often happens during accidents or high jumps. It is a medical emergency and immediate treatment is necessary.

Symptoms and types hip dislocation symptoms

Before discussing the types, let us first know the possible hip dislocation symptoms which are basic and common to both the types

– Sudden and severe pain.- Affected leg will be unable to bear any weight.- Immense pain when the leg is moved.- Numbness, tingling in the affected leg.
Coming to the types and their specific symptoms

Posterior dislocation

Head of thigh bone slipping out of hip bone socket in the backward direction is known as posterior dislocation. Of the two types, this is the very common one. In this case, lower leg often gets rotated towards the middle of the body.

Anterior dislocation

Head of thigh bone slipping out of hip bone socket in the forward direction is known as anterior dislocation. This is rare and here the lower leg often gets rotated out and away from the middle of the body.

If the treatment is delayed in both these cases, there is a scope for further complications like damage to the sciatic nerve and other nerves which can lead to numbness and weakness in the lower part of the affected leg.


Most doctors immediately diagnose the condition by simply looking at the leg. They may ask for imaging tests like x-rays to exactly locate the dislocation and any other possible fractures.


If the dislocation is not accompanied by any fractures or injuries, doctor just manipulates the bones into their normal positions with the help of sedatives or anesthesia. In rare cases, a surgery may be required when something is blocking the bone to go into its socket.

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