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Heel bursitis as one of the bad effects of vaping

It’s funny to think of how well we design our own deaths. Before you start wondering how’s that, flashback and see if you’ve ever heard about the effects of cigarette smoking on your health. Every doctor will tell you this, but despite that, smoking has indeed taken another shape which is, to say the least, an electric shape. Vaping which is smoking via an electronic cigarette involves smoking using an electric handheld device that works by heating a liquid which in turn produces vapor that the user inhales. Prestigious and cool as vaping may be, this webpage will help you become aware of its bad effects that could actually lead to serious medical conditions such as;

Heel bursitis

Heel bursitis is the swelling of the Bursa. The Bursa is a small sac that acts to cushion areas where tendons pass over the bones around the joints. Toxin exposure is one of the causes of heel bursitis and some of these chemicals are contained in the aerosol and flavorings of e-cigarettes. Vaping exposes the user to toxic chemicals which in turn results to heel bursitis and to the worst cancer.

Other medical conditions that vaping causes include;

Lung disease

Among the health risks of vaping is the probability of lung disease. The aerosol which is the vapor inhaled from e-cigarettes contains many harmful chemicals that include lead and other varieties of other heavy metals. These metals and the diacetyl contained in the flavorings of e-cigarettes posses the risk of lung disease. This may not be immediate but over time the effects could be too extreme to the point of being terminal.

Nicotine addiction health beauty supplements

A variety of e-cigarettes including Juul which is the most popular e-cigarette contains nicotine. Nicotine is the drug found in traditional cigarettes and is very addictive. In fact, statistics show that the amount of nicotine contained in one Juul pod is equivalent to the nicotine found in 20 cigarettes (one pack of cigarettes). Exposure to this extent of nicotine can be very addictive and could make the user completely dependent on e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes may seem cool and luxurious but the effects that come with them pose serious health risks to your body. Furthermore, the high levels of nicotine associated with e-cigarettes could make you dependant on them and in some cases could lure you to actual cigarette smoking. This addiction could make you a chain smoker and expose you to serious lung diseases, and to the worst, lung cancer.

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