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When do you need an emergency extraction dentist?

When we were kids, we dread going to the dentist because the main reason our parents bring us is to remove a tooth that is about to fall out. Just imagining what the doctor uses to remove the tooth made us brave enough to pull it ourselves, right? But now that we have grown, several reasons are now included as to why we visit the dentist, but needing an emergency extraction dentist is still one of them. Let us discover when do we need the services of an emergency extraction dentist and how to contact an emergency dentist immediately.


Emergency tooth extraction

Now that the rise of emergency dental clinics surfaced and gained popularity, many patients flock outside these establishments to request for professional attention. However, most of the patients who schedule appointments are needing non-emergency treatment or procedure, stating that they missed their regular dentist’s clinic that was why it is an ‘emergency’. They do not care if the fee is a bit higher than regular dental treatments, what matters is that a professional checks their dental health at once. Let us then tackle what scenarios on tooth extraction should be considered by the emergency extraction dentist as a definite emergency and which can be put off the next day for their regular dentist.

Tooth fracture

tooth extraction

Do not get us wrong; not all tooth fractures are emergency cases. Mild chipping that would require dental filling to smoothen it out can be considered non-emergency. Patients can wait for their dentist to be available so they can report and have their procedure made the next day. However, for fractures that are moderate to severe that involve pain or exposure of the pulp or the inside components of the tooth, an emergency extraction may be one of the procedures an emergency dentist may consider.


Impacted wisdom tooth

If used as an orthodontic preparation, the extraction of your third molars is not considered an emergency. This is a scheduled oral surgery to give space for the movement of the teeth during an orthodontic process. However, there are times when the impacted tooth has some exposed parts that are prone to infection because food debris may be stuck and bacteria feast on it. If you know you have impacted wisdom teeth and you feel tooth pain, especially on that side, then an emergency oral surgery or tooth extraction is warranted. If left untreated, the infection may spread to the neighboring molars and may pose more serious complications, so prompt treatment should be delivered.


Severe tooth decay

We know that tooth decay does not develop overnight. It is not like you have the perfect teeth last night and when you wake up you already have severe tooth decay. This condition builds up over time, and unfortunately, most people would set it aside. The regular dental appointments that could have prevented them from escalating were put off, only getting alarmed when the decay is already causing pain. If this happens, and the pain is severe that it won’t let you have a good night’s sleep, then get an appointment with an emergency extraction dentist. They can either perform deep scaling and root planing to save the tooth or ultimately extract it is deemed unsalvageable.

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