do gums grow back after injury

Do gums grow back after injury?

Do gums grow back after injury? This is one of the most asked questions by dental patients with such or related gum conditions. Gum diseases can have devastating results but a periodontist can help in preventing them.  But when you experience injuries on the gums, it may affect the gum position, taking away your smile and would require more treatment.

The risk of gum injuries can expose the root of your teeth which may easily cause or give room to other bacterial infection. The effects on the gum injuries in most patient are the main reason why most patients get worried.
The impact of gum injuries may vary from one patient o the other depending on the underlying cause of the injury. Depending on the nature of gum injury, they can be handled differently by experts when reported at the right time. On extreme conditions, the dentist will put the right measures to prevent the condition from getting worse.

What is the cause of gum injuries? do gums grow back after injury

In one way or the other, almost everyone has been a victim or gum injuries. The gums are very delicate and can be vulnerable to a different form of injuries. Gums can be affected as a result of infection from the body causing injuries either on specific parts or the entire dental structure. Some people are victims of gum infections as a result of genetics where it’s inherited from parents. Accidents from different cases have been reported especially when the area around the mouth is hit by objects.

When you experience any injury on the gums, it’s important to work closely with your dentist for the right examinations and advice.  Now as to the question “do gums grow back after injury? The answer is no. Although some gum injuries can be restored with the help of some special treatment. Getting your gums to be perfectly restored can sometimes be difficult especially when there is a deep cut involved. Dentists know what to do whenever gum injuries are reported and the best way to manage such condition from getting worse.

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