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When To Consider A Dentist Emergency

There is always a routine when it comes to visiting the dentist, maybe once a month or twice in a year; above all, it depends on the personal preferences. However, emergencies usually occur which may force us to pay impromptu visits to the dentist, a time you least expected. In such times you are forced to abandon whatever business you have engaged in and rush to the dentist. Know the different situations that would warrant you to need a dentist emergency.

Look at some pictures (image) of dental problems that need dentist emergency.

Different situations for dentist emergency


1. Severe Pain

Toothache can be nerve-wracking; it’s the type of pain that can make you shed a tear without making any sound. In such circumstances of pain, you will be forced to seek the help of the dentist even without booking an appointment. An infection, decay or trauma may cause severe pain.

Toothaches can be excruciatingly painful. In most scenario when the tooth is severely damaged, it may be removed. Some may opt to fill the gap with an artificial tooth or give the tooth time to grow.


emergency dentist appointment2. Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are a sure sign of gum infection. When you experience consistent gum bleeding, a dental emergency is unavoidable. It requires immediate treatment. Bleeding gums are at times caused by problems like gingivitis. The dentist will treat you to stop the bleeding and prevent the bacteria causing disease from spreading.



3. A Damaged Permanent Tooth

A permanent tooth may be knocked out, fractured, or chipped because of accidents or trauma when this happens, it is essential to seek emergency dental treatment to fix the tooth to its socket. It can also be caused by poor and weak tooth due to tooth decay. The tooth should be reimplanted two hours after displacement from its place. However, if the tooth is extremely damaged, the permanent tooth may be lost for good.

4. Broken or Cracked Tooth

Its mainly be caused by accidents. However, the broken tooth usually act as a platform for entry of bacteria to penetrate to other parts of the teeth and gums. Pain from the cracked tooth may come and go or remain constant, in any case, a dental emergency should be considered. Cracked tooth can be extracted depending the severity of your case.


The above emergencies not only are they frequent, but also are avoidable. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is a great weapon to combat any unhealthy tooth issues, moreover, even after visiting a dentist, it is essential to uphold your oral hygiene practices to and avoid things that jeopardize your oral health.

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