middle aged man with cramp in jaw

How to soothe a cramp in jaw

While we always rush for over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs to treat jaw cramps, it’s important that we take a natural approach. When in pain you should give your jaws some rest. If you suspect that there might be a jaw dislocation or fracture you should consult a dental surgeon. You can visit https://www.dental266.com.au/ashfield-dentist/ for more information about jaw surgery issues.

How to ease the jaw discomfort

Cold and hot compress
When you feel occasional cramp in jaw, you should apply a cold pack. It works as an anti-inflammatory by numbing the nerves. Just wrap a few ice cubes with a soft towel and press on the problem area for 10-20 minutes. Repeat after every 2 hours until you get the desired results. If you’re experiencing continuous pain, soak your washcloth in warm water and apply on both sides of your face. This relaxes the jaw muscles and increases blood circulation.

Soft dietchoose soft foods and fruit smoothis if you have a painful cramp in jaw
Stay away from crunchy foods like carrots, apple, and hard dinner rolls. Instead, try to eat soft foods that require little or no chewing such as
• Mashed potatoes
• Soup
• Scrambled eggs
• Cottage cheese
• Fruit smoothies
• Pasta/Rice

Watch your posture
If you’re working on your computer for long periods, additional stress is placed on your jaw joints. Not to mention, the muscles become strained and fatigued causing aches. It’s important that you monitor your posture constantly. The correct posture is to have your ears aligned with your shoulder.

Splint therapy
This is a common method used to ease cramp in jaw. Ideally, splints are designed to fit over your teeth to avoid grinding. When used for a few days, these devices relieve the pressure off the jaw muscles giving them a chance to heal.

Incorporate magnesium and calcium in your diet
These minerals reduce tension in jaw muscles by promoting muscle relaxation. For quick results, you can add powdered magnesium and calcium in your morning juice. But if you want these minerals in their natural form, you should consume more yogurt, pumpkin, spinach, bananas, black beans, and dark chocolate.

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