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Protect Yourself with a Clear Mouthpiece

Surely you’ve seen NBA and football players wear something inside their mouths. That’s called a mouthpiece. Most players today wear a clear mouthpiece for protection. If you’re a player of a game that involves physical contact, it’s best to wear a mouthpiece to protect your teeth during extreme sports to avoid injuries.

You always make sure that you’re wearing your complete uniform once you play. Part of your uniform should be to protect your oral health, through a clear mouthpiece. Here are the benefits you can get when wearing this device.

  •          Mouthpiece reduces risk of suffering from broken teeth by cushioning a blow to your face
  •        According to studies, this device also reduces risk of mild brain trauma since it’s a shock absorber from blows
  •         Aside from the teeth, mouthpiece also provides protection to the inner lining of your cheeks, tongue and lips
  •        A mouthpiece is also useful to those wearing braces. With this device worn, your brackets can be protected and can even prevent gum injury
  •          Aside from braces, mouthpiece also protects other orthodontic appliances
  •          Dental treatments are pricy. Imagine the cost of just buying a mouthpiece.

Readymade and Customized Mouthpiece

Mouthpiece comes in three types. In making a decision as to which type works for you, you need to know the pros and cons.

Stock Mouthpiece

clear mouthpiece

The most basic type is the stock mouthpiece which provides minimal protection. Since it has different sizes, a trial and error method may be necessary to know which type snugly fits to your mouth.

Stock mouthpiece is inexpensive and can be purchased right away on your nearest sports store.

However, it has disadvantages as well. First, there is no right size for the buyer since it’s a one-size-fits-all type, which promotes discomfort to the wearer. Second, since the material is bulky, it may cause gagging and breathing and speaking difficulties. And as mentioned, it offers little protection.

Boil and Bite

As the name suggests, using the boil and bite mouthpiece requires the device to be heated until it softens. Once it has cooled, the wearer bites it down to create a rough impression on the teeth.

Similar to stock type, boil and bite is also inexpensive and can be bought on your local sports store. But unlike the stock type which has only one size, the boil and bite can be heated to create a mold of the wearer’s teeth.

Unfortunately, the boil and bite also provides minimal protection. Bite-through is also possible and the integrity of the device will degrade gradually.

Custom Made

The best mouthpiece to wear is the customized type since it offers the highest protection level.

The dentist usually provides this type according to the oral anatomy of the patient. It’s professionally designed to fit even the specific contours of the patient’s mouth and jaw. The material is evenly distributed to guarantee stability and comfort.

Perhaps the only drawback of this type is the cost since it’s higher compared to the other types. Nevertheless, it’s a worth investment knowing that your mouth and jaw are well-protected.

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