clear mouthguard for braces

Choosing Your Clear Mouthguard For Braces

You may be an athlete or someone who just wants that bonus action in your life and finds braces as a hindrance to your lifestyle. You can also be a patient suffering from sleep apnea, or other major oral hygiene problems or diseases. Dental innovation has come a long way in making it possible to have visually appealing procedures in correcting these dental problems. Choosing to be inserted with a clear mouthguard for braces may keep your gums and teeth secure with this great innovation. Check with your dentist if you’re a candidate for clear braces so that you may be fitted with these on your mouth properly.

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards, in general, are made up of medically approved silicone designed to be inserted on a patient’s mouth. Beware of using them immediately though, not all mouthguards are of the same type. It is better to have your dentist consultation with the applicable dental procedure for you. You’ll be able to know if you’re required to have a clear mouthguard for braces according to your dental situation.

    1. Clear Mouthguards For Braces

      This type of mouthguard is often chosen by patients that are teens, or adult professional workers. It is more aesthetically appealing for some people and can also be easier to be replaced. Since this dental procedure is visually better for some patients, relapses are less likely to occur and adjustments of the teeth and gums are quicker. It is also less bulky and easier to fit as you are able to adjust to these clear mouthguards faster.

    2. Custom-made Mouthguards

      Custom-made mouthguards are usually used by athletes for stronger and firmer protection while they are on the field. It is less likely to be broken and more durable than most mouthguards. These are also medically used for sleep apnea, teeth grinding, and can be plopped out of the mouth easily.


What Does A Mouthguard Do?

clear mouthguard for braces

If you’re planning to get one just because it’s the latest trend, then this product is not for you. A mouthguard is a protective instrument used in dental procedures equipment that is often used for correcting gums and teeth as well as covering a previous surgery. It also helps patients with serious nasal or dental issues such as teeth grinding (bruxism) and snoring. Set up an appointment with your dentist regarding your dental concerns so you’ll be prepared for the instructions on getting one. Being protected with a mouthpiece can have its advantages and disadvantages. Most likely, you’ll still need to have to get these inserted if you are suffering from severely crooked teeth or uneven gums.

Good Oral Hygiene

Taking care of your clear mouthguard for braces might be a chore, but if you’re up for prevention, this is something that you should read about. It is not just something than a dull routine, but it is as equal to daily brushing of your teeth or gargling with your mouthwash. Dirty mouthguards are a nightmare especially for athletes who aren’t able to do this routine every day. When your mouthguard needs to be replaced, do so, to avoid any bacterial or germ infection that may spread and cause more complications for your body. Store your mouthguard in a sterilized and protective case to make sure that it doesn’t get exposed to dust, bacteria, or fungi. A preventive call to action can definitely save you tons of money from your frequent dental checkups or even save you from a possible major oral disease.



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