clavicle fracture surgery

Clavicle fracture Surgery is Completed in One Day

The clavicle or collarbone is one of the longest horizontal bones in the human body. It can get damaged due to a number of reasons like sports injuries especially while playing football, falling down or during a vehicle accident. While there damage may be caused due to a number of reasons, it should be noted that each injury is different, and the treatment method will vary for each injury. In some cases, there may be a fracture in the clavicle, while in other cases the bone may be broken in multiple places. Usually a clavicle fracture surgery is only recommended if the injury does not heal within ten weeks using a post-surgery after care, or the bone is misaligned.

Before considering a surgery, the patient can ask the surgeon for a consultation to find out the extent of the problem. The surgery involves restoring the damaged bones in their original position so that they clavicle fracture surgery heal quickly. Usually an incision is made in the shoulders in the top part, so that a plate can be placed for alignment and screws are used to fix the plate. In some cases, a long pin is also required for aligning the bone. The surgery will help the bone heal itself quickly. After a few weeks, the surgeon will examine the patient, and remove the plate and screws if required if the healing is complete.

The surgery is usually completed within a day and the patient can return to his home the same day. However, after the surgery, the area is protected using a sling for a period of six to eight weeks, so that it does not get misaligned. After the sling is removed the surgeon will recommend physical therapy for the affected area, so that the patient muscles in the shoulder, and arm function normally. It is observed that healing of the clavicle fracture is usually complete within twelve weeks for most patients and they are able to resume their daily routine, which includes playing sports.

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