Chiropractic TMJ Adjustment

Chiropractic TMJ Adjustment

TMJ is mostly used in medical terms to describe the pain found between the jaws of a human being. Initially, it had different ways of treatments like eating a diet consisting of foods which are soft or try to apply a cold pack to the jaws. But most of the patient take treatment from the dentist in order to forget all the pains. But  for those who try to look for a different way of avoiding treatment, chiropractic tmj adjustment can be a better solution for TMJ.  Read more about this alternative method in this article.

Many patients suffering from TMJ disorder have different pains not only from the affected area, but also they start experiencing a slight decrease motion range in the upper and lower jaws, they also experience hearing problems and even headaches. Hence there are different ways a TMJ dysfunction can be caused or seen.

Signs of TMJ dysfunctionChiropractic TMJ Adjustment

• Jaw pains
• Joint injuries
• The mouth can’t be opened for more than 40 min
Teeth grinding

Adjustment of the TMJ

TMJ has severally ways that be treated: it can be done through massage, by dentists or can be also done by the physical therapist. A chiropractor can also help the patient by starting with the best chronic TMJ pain which helps in spine alignment. There are other complementary treatments that can also be used to combine the adjustment which helps in relaxing the muscles between the jaws and the joint reposition of a patient. The pain that is caused between the upper jaw and lower jaw can’t only be reduced by chiropractic adjustments but they will only prevent the disorder not to return

TMJ adjustment is done after the full spine is adjusted by the chiropractor, the neck and skull must be given full attention since they are very close hence there is an importance for the neck to be adjusted first before the skull and TMJ. After the adjustment of the neck and skull, there are a series of tests on your TMJ that must be done by the chiropractor to identify misaligned.

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