center for assessment and treatment

Center for Assessment and Treatment

The Center for Assessment and Treatment was established in 2009. It’s a nonprofit mental health agency. It is dedicated to treating and advocating for individuals and families from varying backgrounds. Center for Assessment and treatment provides individual, family and couples psychotherapy. In addition, it offers medication, psychological evaluation, and evaluation and management. It’s is owned by Dr. O. Black, a renown pediatric neuropsychologist and scientist who is a consultant in autism spectrum and related disorders. The services offered are categorized into personalized treatment, expert assessment, ongoing care and support, and additional services, if in urgent cases you need these, don’t hesitate to visit a clinic.

Personalized Treatment center for assessment and treatment

Center for Assessment and Treatment clinicians offer family, individual, and group therapy. Adolescents, children, and young adults benefit from it. Through CAAT PEERS program CAAT provides evidence-based treatment to young adults and teens to enable develop the skills to initiate and sustain close friendship and relationships. CAAT has also successfully launched Young Adult Transition program that helps young adults cope with their condition.

Expert Assessment

Clinicians and neuropsychologist at CAAT carry out comprehensive, top-notch neuropsychological examinations of adults, children, and adolescents who suffer from social disorders, learning and attention disorders, self-regulatory disorders, emotional dysregulation problems and other conditions that interfere with individual’s activities of daily living. Once comprehensive and state of the art assessment have been done, CAAT specialists provide an individualized report that explains the challenges and strengths one has. A plan is then developed for addressing the diagnosis.

Ongoing Care and Support

Good customer care in CAAT has led to the development of long term relationships with individuals and families. This has resulted in the continuity of care in the form of follow up and consultation. Consultation and follow up involve revising treatment plans, evaluating children progress, assistance with treatment plans implementation and aiding in school placement.

Other additional services offered by CAAT include forensic evaluations in dealing with inquiries related to autism spectrum disorders, consultation, offering of second opinions and give talks on various topics to professional organizations, schools, and parents.

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