carpal tunnel syndrome prevention

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Prevention

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition that is caused by pressure on the median nerve causing tingling, pain, numbness and weakness in your arm. The median nerve goes through the length of your arm going through a passage called the carpal tunnel and it ends in the hand, hence the name, carpal tunnel syndrome. If the condition gets worst, treatment options include wrist splinting, medications and surgery using certain medical equipment.

The symptoms usually start gradually the first ones being tingling in your middle fingers, index fingers or thumb that comes and goes. Discomfort in the palm of your hand and your wrist is also common. You may also experience weakness and a tendency to drop objects.

The condition is caused by repetitive motions such as typing,or working in a construction site where you need to use your palms repeatedly and excessively. Pregnancy as well as other conditions like obesity, diabetes and hypothyroidism could also contribute to the syndrome.

Carpal tunnel syndrome prevention carpal tunnel syndrome prevention

• Consider changing your keyboard to a more ergonomic one especially if you spend a lot of time typing. A split and V-shaped keyboard is common but instead you can opt for a split vertical keyboard which is more effective in preventing carpal tunnel syndrome because it allows you to type with arms facing each other instead of palms down.

• Using your other hand, other than the dominant one as well as alternating between them.

• Exercising and stretching your hands. There are several hand stretches that you can do.

• Being less tense by becoming more sensitive to the amount of pressure that you put in your wrists, arms and fingers.

• Keeping your wrists neutral by avoiding bending them too far down especially when typing, driving or using many tools.

• Having a clear understanding of all the risk factors associated with carpal tunnel syndrome and also how to reduce them such as repetitive motion during work.

• Try using less force when typing, grasping or gripping tools.

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