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Braces (Pain And What To Expect When You Get Them)

When a person has braces, pain will be part of the process. How long will the pain last? What causes it? This article aims to answer those questions and also shed some light on the advantages of having braces. If you are looking for a good quality orthodontic service, you can click on the link to know more.

What are braces?

Braces are orthodontic appliances that are used to straighten teeth. Traditional braces have brackets that are attached to the front part of teeth and use a wire to hold these brackets together to tighten them. The dentist will control the movement of the brackets to make the teeth go into their proper spots in a person’s mouth.

Braces could be worn for a few months to a few years, depending on the severity of the case. If there is tooth malocclusion present, other procedures may be performed on the patient, including tooth extractions.

In the years since its invention, there have been many new kinds of braces that have been developed. Lingual braces are placed at the back of teeth, for patients who are more self-conscious. Damon braces are self-ligating braces, meaning they adjust themselves and require less visits to the dentist.

What causes braces’ pain?

braces painBraces are foreign objects that are put in a patient’s mouth. In the time that a person gets used to the braces, they may cause friction on the other soft tissues of the mouth as well as the person’s tongue.

Pain may also be caused because of the pressure that the braces put on the teeth. A person can expect pain and discomfort for the first few days following the installment of braces. The teeth will eventually get used to the pressure after some time. However, when the time will come for adjustment to be done to the braces, the discomfort may return.

Mouth sores may also result from braces. This is because of the friction between the tissues, tongue and the braces themselves. Special gels can be prescribed to lessen the friction, especially if this happens often.

Braces can help you with more than just your smile

Braces can help you with more than just giving you a beautiful smile. If you are having problems with chewing and digestion because of your crooked teeth, braces can get rid of these challenges. Also, if you are feeling self-conscious because of the way your teeth look, braces can give you the self-confidence you never thought you could have.

There are many benefits from getting braces. Even if there is some pain associated with these benefits, they will all be worth it because you will have more confidence in your smile and less problems in eating. If you think you need braces but have qualms about getting them, talk to your dentist. They will be able to explain the risks, benefits and also about braces’ pain to you. They will help you understand if this procedure will benefit you or if they have another suggestion as to what procedure will be used to fix your dental problem.

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