bad posture neck hump

Bad posture neck hump

Bad posture neck hump is a spinal disorder whereby the spine curves outward excessively causing abnormal rounding of the neck bones. The condition is also known as kyphosis. In the modern world of a computer screen and other devices, people are spending most of their bending o these screens. The bad posture can cause neck problems that result in the abnormal curving of the lower neck and the upper vertebrae.

What causes neck hump?

A lousy posture like bending over computer screens or other habits that caused neck bending are causes of lousy posture neck hump. An increased upper neck curving as you lift the head causes forward protrusion of the upper vertebrae.

Other conditions such as Osteoporosis which is a fracture resulting from compression, say for instance terrible sleeping posture can also cause neck humps. Note Osteoporosis will cause you to bend forward your head abnormally and then pulling it up so that you can see clearly.

How to prevent bad posture neck humps

Bending forward always causes pulling of extra weight which in turn causes straining of neck vertebrae. The forward curve causes dislocation of the disks from their original positions hence causing neck fatigue. Moreover, the neck muscles are not adapted for that bending; it will result in pain in the lower and the upper back pain.

Changing the bad posture such as refraining from bending the neck forward when using computers, will allow the neck vertebras to return to their natural positions.

Is it possible to reverse lousy posture neck hump?

bad posture neck humpDepending on the severity of the condition and the age of the person, this condition can be improved or completely reversed.  It will be achieved by strengthening the neck muscles, thus helping the pull up the head and the shoulders.

Stretching should be done for at least ten times a day to help the discs pull straight back. It, in turn, strengthens the neck vertebrae.

Scapular squeezes where the shoulders blades are squeezed together enables the upper muscles and discs to resume their original position. Performing push-ups can also help improve the condition.

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